The foundation of what Curion provides is science, what makes us exceptional is our ability to connect with our consumers.

On the first warm summer day on a patio with your friends, you taste the coldest, most refreshing beer you have had in a long time. The bucket of crunchy, warm and buttery popcorn is a ritual for weekend movie nights. The tropical smell of sunscreen symbolizes opening day of beach season.

These experiences aren’t meant to be captured in a booth. Life Labs™ by Curion takes your products out of the booth and brings them into life without forsaking the benefits of control and detail you are used to in the lab.

True insight comes when your consumers are connected to their world.

Immersive Context

Create context for your consumer

Simulate an environment approximating consumer’s life, put your consumers in a context that is more real world than traditional central location testing. Immersive technology helps to instill the desired mindset, without losing control of your product.

  • Flexible consumer space to create an environment
  • Get your consumer into the kitchen
  • Simulate bars, theaters, or restaurants
  • Create your own virtual reality

Behavioral Context

Understand your consumer

Consumers responses to products and environments are often unconscious, this can have a powerful impact on their behavior. LifeLabs™ tools use the methods of experimental psychology to identify unconscious (Type 1) biases that influence consumer preferences.

  • Implicit Association Test – IAT
  • Emotional testing
  • Heart rate monitoring

Physical Context

Go to your consumer

Pop up tests where your target consumers are, grab them in situation creating a realistic environment for testing, naturally. Get out of the booth and into context.

  • WeWork
  • Gyms
  • Bars
  • Theaters
  • Restaurants, etc.

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